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Jan 2024 - March 2024

Faizan Makaniya - Hoghton (unattached)
Andrew Blacklidge - Gregson Lane (unattached)
Kaduji Raihan - Garstang from Whittingham & Goosnargh
Matthew Siddall - Fleetwood from Cockermouth (Cumbria League)
Tomas King - Fleetwood from Blackpool 
Tim Higson - Garstang from St Annes
Stephen Wright - Great Eccleston from Kirkham & Wesham
David Jack - Great Eccleston from Shireshead & Forton
Andrew Murphy - Great Eccleston from Shireshead & Forton
Mohammed Tauqir - Thornton Cleveleys (unattached)
Ben Montedoro - Rufford (Overseas Amateur)
Haren Shetty - Rufford from Grimsargh
Erasmus Pretorius - Barrow (Overseas Amateur)
Toby Cunningham - Fylde (Overseas Amateur)
Fazil Mohammed - Great Eccleston (Overseas Amateur)
Shadi Sideek - Thornton Cleveleys (Overseas Amateur)
Obaid Tauqir - Thornton Cleveleys (unattached)
Thinus Gouws - Morecambe (Overseas Amateur)
Connor Hooper - Torrisholme (Overseas Amateur)
Faizan Hotelwala - Hoghton from Whittingham & Goosnargh
Joe Gibbins - Torrisholme from Garstang
Josh Wills - Netherfield from Torrisholme
Kazem Patel - Hoghton (unattached)
Karunakar Swarna - Preston Royals (unattached)
Harish Alla - Preston Royals (unattached)
Vamshi Chevva - Preston Royals (unattached)
Tekumudi Surya Sharath - Preston Royals (unattached)
Jenish Prajapati - Preston Royals (unattached)
Sai Ravi Teja Cherukuri - Preston Royals (unattached)
Xavier Luton Broers - Walton Le Dale (Overseas Amateur)
Kaif Patel - Walton Le Dale (unattached)
Freddie Whatmuff - Carnforth from Torrisholme
Miles Walker - Lancaster (unattached)
Tom Myerscough - Blackpool from Lytham (Liverpool Comp) 
Charlie Parkinson - Garstang from Torrisholme
Stu Blundell - Croston from Dalton (Southport & District)
Sagar Koti - Preston from Whittington Wanderers (Derbyshire County Cricket League)
Daniel Robinson - Wrea Green from Fulwood & Broughton
Alex Davies - Fylde from Kirkham & Wesham
Zubair Patel - BAC/EE from Darwen
Wesley Fernando - Standish (unattached)
Ibrahim Akubat - Preston (unattached)
Rizvan Patel - Preston (unattached)
Gulam Patel - Preston (unattached)
Rehman Afzal - Preston (unattached)
Andrew Hill - Torrisholme from Heysham
Jackson Mills - Carnforth (Overseas Amateur)
Noor Elahi - Carnforth from Lancaster
Salaman Munshi - Preston from Great Eccleston
Sachin Singh - Eccleston (Overseas Amateur)
Sai Teja Kundooru - Ingol (unattached)
Rob Paley - Ingol (unattached)
Madhu Sonna - Ingol (unattached)
Pradeep Bandarupalli - Ingol (unattached)
Rajith Lakshitha - Standish from Pontypridd (South East Wales League)
Nate White - Blackpool from Clitheroe (Lancashire League)
Jamie Thomson - Lytham from Blackpool
Rishit Manoj Sharma - Blackpool from Whalley (North West Cricket League)
Jason Bowers - Standish (unattached)
Harry Birkman - Blackpool from St Annes
William Hurst - Mawdesley (unattached)
Mudasar Hussain - Penwortham (unattached)
Louise Robertson - Penwortham (unattached)
Rhiannon Magee - Penwortham (unattached)
Keira Rattray - Penwortham (unattached)
Tom McLellan - Penwortham (unattached)
Finn Doherty - Penwortham (unattached)
Husain Patel - Preston (unattached)
Mahmed Chauhan - Preston (unattached)
Nazim Saiyed - Preston (unattached)
Rizwan Patel - Morecambe from Fleetwood
Vishal Bhimjiyani - Grimsargh from BAC/EE
Simon Eccleston - Hesketh Bank
Rowan Wright - Hesketh Bank
Mark Woolston - Hesketh Bank
Joe Williams - Hesketh Bank
Andrew Vincent - Hesketh Bank
Jonny Trafford - Hesketh Bank
Bob Tomes - Hesketh Bank
Christopher Thomson - Hesketh Bank
Wayne Taylor - Hesketh Bank
Sam Taylor - Hesketh Bank
Matthew Taylor - Hesketh Bank
Craig Sutton - Hesketh Bank
Tim Summerton - Hesketh Bank
Stuart Southall - Hesketh Bank
James Smith - Hesketh Bank
Ben Scott - Hesketh Bank
Alex Scott - Hesketh Bank
Oliver Scanlan - Hesketh Bank
Lewis Saunders - Hesketh Bank
Kyle Prescott - Hesketh Bank
Matthew Parkes - Hesketh Bank
Ben Oshea - Hesketh Bank
Matthew Pollard - Hesketh Bank
David Nelson - Hesketh Bank
Graham Melvin - Hesketh Bank
Jonathan Marquis - Hesketh Bank
David Lowe - Hesketh Bank
David Lemarinel - Hesketh Bank
Daniel Kirk - Hesketh Bank
Craig Jordan - Hesketh Bank
Paul Johnson - Hesketh Bank
Jamie Johnson - Hesketh Bank
Adam Houghton - Hesketh Bank
Simon Horsfall - Hesketh Bank
Michael J Horsfall - Hesketh Bank
Richard Hill - Hesketh Bank
Martin Head - Hesketh Bank
Gary Handford - Hesketh Bank
Brian Hall - Hesketh Bank
Brian Greenwood - Hesketh Bank
Sai Teja Gandla - Hesketh Bank
Tim Freer - Hesketh Bank
Shaun Element - Hesketh Bank
Robert Disley - Hesketh Bank
Matthew Dawson - Hesketh Bank
Andrew Cope - Hesketh Bank
Richard Burns - Hesketh Bank
Vaughan Birkby - Hesketh Bank
Paul Barton - Hesketh Bank
Daniel Birby - Hesketh Bank
Simon Billington - Hesketh Bank
Richard Banister - Hesketh Bank
David Ball - Hesketh Bank
Morgan Sewell - Ingol (unattached)

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