Cup Rules

1.  Meyler Cup. For First XIs of clubs playing in the Premier and Division 1 and up to 4 Lancashire based Westmorland League teams.

Loxham Cup. For First XIs of clubs playing in Divisions 2 and 3 and Second XIs of clubs playing in Divisions 1B, 2 and 3 without a First XI in this competition.

Crabtree Cup. For other teams in Divisions 2 and 3 and teams in Division 4 and below. Clubs with only 2 senior teams in the Saturday competition and a team in the Sunday competition may also enter the Crabtree Cup. Clubs with more than three senior Saturday sides may enter two teams into the Crabtree Cup, and they will be placed in opposite sides of the draw.

Any club may withdraw one, more or all of its teams from the cup competitions, but must give notice to the Secretary by the 1st of April each year.

2. In the Meyler Cup the teams eligible to play in the Lancashire Knock Out Cup shall receive byes in the preliminary round. The draws for the Loxham Cup and the Crabtree Cup will follow a procedure enabling matches to be played on the same day. Wherever possible, matches in the Crabtree Cup should be played on the main ground of the home club.

3. Matches prior to the finals shall be played as originally arranged, in accordance with the draws, to be played on Sunday afternoons, commencing at 1.30p.m. and finishing by 8.00p.m. with an interval of 30 minutes between innings. All sides are expected to be in position to bowl the first ball of the last of their 40 overs within 2 hours 30 minutes playing time.  In the event of them failing to do so, a penalty of 6 runs per incomplete over shall be applied. Umpires to make reasonable allowance for unavoidable delays.

Postponement of a Meyler Cup tie shall only be allowed if either team is involved in the Lancashire, National Village or National Club Knock Out Competitions and postponement of a Loxham Cup tie will only be allowed if the ground of the home club is required for the above competitions. Postponement of a Crabtree Cup tie will require the consent of the Executive.

3a. If a club cannot fulfil a cup fixture then the game shall be awarded to the opposition who progress to the next round. No further penalty to be imposed if the game is conceded by Friday 9pm.
If the game is conceded after this cut off point a fine may be imposed and any costs incurred paid for by the team that concedes. If a team has incurred costs before Friday 9PM these will be considered and awarded if appropriate by the executive.

3b. For all cup competitions these will be drawn out fully in advance of the competition commencing. In the event of a fixture clash e.g, both 1st and 2nd XIs being drawn at home, the lower team  fixture should  be reversed, moved to a 2nd ground or rearranged for the following Sunday.

4. The venues for the finals shall be selected, by the Committee, from the grounds of those member clubs who shall offer their use and have the appropriate facilities. Should re-plays be necessary, for any reason, finals will be re-played on such grounds and dates as the Executive shall direct.

5. Matches shall consist of one innings each of 40 six-ball overs, the captain winning the toss having the choice of batting or fielding first. If the start of the first innings is delayed for any reason, or if bad weather suspends the length of the first innings, the number of overs will be re-arranged so that each side bats for the same number of overs. Overs will be deducted as per the following table (but the first 30 minutes of lost time shall be disregarded);

4 minutes

= 1 over

8 minutes

= 2 overs

15 minutes

= 4 overs

30 minutes

= 8 overs

60 minutes

= 16 overs

During a break in play due to bad weather, tea may be taken early in an attempt to save playing time. The umpires shall take into account the wishes of both captains, but shall be the final judges of when the tea interval should be taken

Each team must bowl a minimum of 20 overs to ensure a result.

Where weather intervenes to reduce the number of overs after play has commenced in either the 1st or 2nd innings, Duckworth Lewis (Standard) G200 on Play Cricket will be used to calculate revised scores, as laid down in Appendix E. of the main rules. The requirement to play at least 20 overs will still apply unless a result has earlier been reached. The available overs shall be calculated as a count back from 8.00 pm, using 4 minutes = 1 over, 15 minutes = 4 overs. If the available overs is less than the expected total for the innings, a revised target should be calculated using Duckworth Lewis.

A match shall not be abandoned without play before 3.30p.m. (3.00p.m. in September) as laid down in Competition Rule 21.

6. No bowler may bowl more than 8 overs and, should a bowler be incapacitated or cease to bowl for any legitimate reason, acceptable to the umpire, that over in progress shall be completed by a bowler other than he who bowled the previous over or is to bowl the next.

In a match on a reduced over basis due to a delayed start, the number of overs allowed per bowler shall be reduced pro-rata (to the nearest whole number).

7a. The side scoring more runs shall be the winner. If scores are level at the end of the match, the side having lost fewer wickets shall be the winner.

If still equal, the side scoring more runs after 20 overs shall be the winner.

If still equal, the side having lost fewer wickets after 20 overs shall be the winner.

If still equal, the match shall be a tie and will be replayed.

8. If a result is not possible on the nominated day due to bad weather the tie will be decided on the day by a bowl out or coin toss.  There will not be a reserve day for any tie bar the semi-final and final of the cup competitions.

Matches may only be postponed if either team in a Meyler Cup match is involved in the Lancashire, National Village or National Club Knock -out Competitions or, in the Loxham Cup, if the ground of the home club is required for a match in any ofthese Competitions.

9. For all matches prior to the finals, each side shall, before the toss, provide 2 new pink balls (one to be used at each end) to the umpires' approval, in accordance with Competition Rule 29. For the finals and any replayed finals, the Competition shall provide a new ball for each innings.

10. The scoreboard must clearly indicate the correct score, ball by ball and shall display the number of overs completed throughout each innings.

11.Panel umpires shall officiate in the Meyler Cup. In the Loxham and Crabtree Cups the club umpires shall officiate in all rounds up to the semi-finals an umpires, whose clubs are not involved, may be selected for the semi-finals and finals

12 Eligibility of Players

Every player taking part in these competitions shall have been a registered for his club for not less than three days prior to the date of a match.

To be eligible to play in the semi-finals and finals of these Competitions they must have played a minimum of five and six games respectively for their club in the Palace Shield Competition in the current season.

A player who has played in a Senior League First XI in the current season, as defined in Competition Rule 17, shall not play in these Competitions, unless sanctioned at the discretion of the executive.

A player who has played for one club in the Meyler, Loxham or Crabtree Cups any season shall not, following proper transfer, as laid down under Rule 15a, play during that season in any of these Competitions for any other club.

To be eligible for second or third team games, a player cannot have played more games for higher teams than the team they are selected for without prior approval from the executive.

This rule shall not apply if the club's First XI is engaged in the Meyler Cup, the Lancashire, National Village or National Club Knock-out Competition the same day as a Loxham or Crabtree Cup match.

Any infringement of the rules on eligibility, or of the registration requirements under the entirety of Competition Rules 15 - 17 will be penalised at the discretion of the executive.

13.The home Club in all cup ties must post the result of its match and notable performances on their play cricket website – using the prescribed procedure, as soon as possible after the end of the match, but not later than 10.00 p.m. or be fined £5.00

In the event of a replay being necessary, the home club must notify the Secretary and the Fixtures Secretary, and also the Umpires' Secretary in respect of Meyler Cup matches and semi-finals in the Loxham and Crabtree Cups, of the date of the replay.

Bowl Out Arrangements

Should no result be achieved by playing a match within the cup rules, the match shall be decided by a bowl out. The umpires shall be in sole charge of the bowl out in consultation with the captains.

The bowl out shall take place on a suitable 22 yard pitch on the main square or on a practice area and artificial pitches shall be allowed. One umpire shall stand at the bowler's end to judge for no balls and the other at the striker's end to judge for the bounce.

Each player in either team shall take turns to bowl overarm at the stumps with no second attempt allowed. Full tosses shall not be allowed and the team with the most hits shall be declared the winner. Should the scores still be level, then the bowl out should continue with players allowed a second bowl in a 'sudden death' format.

Should the weather conditions be so extreme that a bowl out cannot take place, the result shall be decided by the toss of a coin.

Restriction on LegSide Wides: Meyler Cup and Loxham Cup

As per Rule 18e of the main Competition Rule legside wides will apply as they do for the Premier and 1st division

Restriction on Placement of Fieldsmen : Meyler Cup, Loxham Cup and Crabtree Cup

For the first 8 overs of the innings (or 20% of the overs in a reduced game) only 2 fielders are allowed outside the 30- yard circle and minimum of 5 inside the circle for the remainder of the innings at the instant of delivery. In the event of an infringement, the square leg umpire shall call and signal No Ball. The Circle should be marked as per rule 18d of the main competition.





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