The Ultimate Guide to Betting on Cricket

The Ultimate Guide to Betting on Cricket Lisa Scott via Pixabay


Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world with fans globally. The growth of cricket has coincided with the rise of the betting world with various betting sites coming up to offer cricket betting options. These betting sites have gained a massive following due to their various offers like sign up bonuses and other promotions throughout the year.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the Cricket world, there are various online betting options for you. Here is the step by step guide to get started on cricket betting. Here is how to go about it.

1.  Find the best betting site

The first step to betting on cricket is to find the right betting site. With several online sites coming up you are spoilt for choice. Online betting also eliminates geographical limitations. For example, you can bet on a UK betting site while you live in India.

The too many choices of the betting sites also make it hard to find the ideal one. The site you choose should be based on your level of expertise, the bonuses, possible bets and customer services. At the moment, you can bet on Cricket at Lottoland sportsbook for the best experience.

2.  Understand the basics of the game

Like any other game, Cricket is a game of rules and technicalities. The game has changed over the years with new rules always coming up as the fans and the players evolve. It is upon you to understand the major rules and game flow to come up with a betting strategy.

There are various factors to look out for when analysing the teams to bet on. These include;

  • Format - Cricket comes in various formats such as test cricket where teams play for five days. The other format is the one day international which is played within a single day, and another version is the T20, which is the shortest form only introduced in 2003. Once you understand the format, you can know which team performs best on the specific one. For example, England does well in all formats.
  • Team players - the strength of every Cricket depends on the players. Take time to analyse the various players on the teams when making a bet. It is the top players who make the difference in the games.
  • Records and past performance - the other factor to look into before placing the bet is on the past performance of the teams. Look into the records between the two competing teams head-to-head. You can then look into records and the current form.

3.  Understand how much you are willing to spend

Now that you understand the game and the team you are rooting for, it’s time to place your bet. However, just before that, understand the amount you are willing to lose. Even in Cricket betting, gambling remains a risky game. You are never assured of a win. That is why you are better off approaching it more of a pastime than an income-generating activity.

For safety, set a limit that you bet. Whether you win or lose, do not attempt to go past the limit. That is the only way to keep safe, otherwise, you might end up starting to chase losses.

4.  Do a pre-match analysis

Even though you might have looked into the records and past performances of the teams, never forget to do a pre-match analysis. Look at the line-up from both teams. They are mostly released a day or two before the game, and any changes can come up. Maybe a top player can be out for injury or suspension reasons.

The other factor to look into for the analysis is the weather forecast. While Cricket is a game of tactics and strategies, pitch conditions and other factors still play a role in the possible outcome. For example, various countries would react differently on a rainy day. In Sri Lanka for example, the sun sets in quite early and any day lost to the rains would not be salvaged, which is different from England.

Also, look into the exact pitch for the game. Some pitches tend to provide for slower games than others. Various teams react to such conditions differently and that affects the outcome of games.

5.  Enjoy the game

Now that you know everything about the Cricket game, you understand the rules and know what to expect, it is time to place the bet. After placing the bet, take time to enjoy the game. Given that you approach betting as a leisure activity, go ahead to support your team all through. Do not focus so much on the bet while watching the game. Instead, focus fully on the game to enjoy every moment. You will enjoy your winnings more if you never tense so much during the game.

Bottom Line

Cricket has grown so much in recent years, with new fans taking up the game. Join Lottoland today and start betting on Cricket as you enjoy the game.

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