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Dear All


So today we should have all been looking forward to the start of the new season having waited all winter, I am sure like me you are disappointed. Clearly there is still some way to go before we will know what shape the season will take but I am hopeful we will get some cricket during the summer. In preparation for this and given that we have had to cancel the pre-season umpires meeting, I have prepared a short summary of the various rule changes that were voted in by the clubs at the two league AGM's that took place over the winter.


If you have any problems opening this Powerpoint presentation please contact me and I can send over a pdf version.


As a presentation it is very much in summary form so if you have any specific questions don't hesitate to contact me and I will try and answer them.


As you will see we now have DLS (strictly DL!) in both leagues, if anyone wants to organise a one to one training session on the use of the app let me know and we can set up a video call to go through it.


Although we don't yet have a start date for the season my intention is that once we do I will contact everyone outlining any additional safety measures we can put in place and then asking you to confirm availability to stand and to update availability on WTU . Once I have a revised panel I can then allocate the games. We will then have to arrange how to get out to you any documents etc that you may need.


You may have seen that WTU have now launched an App which will allow you to manage your fixtures and availability on your smartphone. I haven't yet downloaded it but will do soon and let you know my thoughts.


Any questions let me know but in the meantime keep safe and keep well.



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Alex Diver

Palace Shield Executive

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