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  • Thursday, 13 August 2020 15:31
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Please remind all your players about social distancing on and off the
pitch.  We have had a couple of reports through but it may be happening
more often than get reported.  If they want to get together at the fall
of a wicket they must remain 2m apart.  As a simple rule, someone should
be able to walk through the ‘huddle’ without touching anyone (not
suggesting anyone does).

Similarly, there are a lot of important games this weekend and the
weather had been good so any clubs with bars may find increased interest
and spectator numbers.  Please remember to ensure spectators follow the
appropriate rules in your area when inside and outside.  Some clubs in
the Bolton area were visited last weekend by the police and one was
asked to close.

Parts of our area are facing increased lockdowns so we need to ensure
that cricket is following the regulations.  If pictures appear in the
press or on social media showing groups of players or spectators failing
to follow the guidelines, some members of the public may feel aggrieved
if this is going on when they can't sit in their parent's garden - and
there could be a backlash.

This weekend actually represents the mid-point of our plans for the
season so we need to remain focussed so that we can conclude the
remaining fixtures.

PS  Don't forget to put the results on promptly!!

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Alex Diver

Palace Shield Executive




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