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The news today that there will be no professional cricket until at least 
July would suggest that there will be no recreational cricket until at 
least that date and, in all likelihood, much later. Until we know more, 
it is difficult to come to any conclusions so, for the time being, the 
option of playing a half season from the start of July will remain on 
the table but is now highly unlikely.

We have considered a number of scenarios for a shorter season but, until 
we know more, there is little point in spending time going into too much 
detail. Even if the recreational game is allowed to start, there will no 
doubt be a number of issues to consider so, until we know what these 
are, we can't make too many plans.

We must all consider the possibility that there may be no cricket this 
season so, from a club point of view, the aim must be to keep 
financially solvent and to ensure some upkeep of the ground so that they 
do not deteriorate - indeed some pictures of grounds, given the weather 
we've had since the lockdown, suggest that some of them are in the best 
condition for a long time - and the groundsmen are no doubt pleased that 
their good work is not being spoiled by people playing on their 
grounds!  Also, please ensure the security of your buildings, ground and 
equipment as there will be people on the lookout for easy opportunities.

In the meantime, we hope all your players, officials, members, relatives 
and friends remain in good health and we can all get through this in tact.

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Alex Diver

Palace Shield Executive

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