Loxham Cup

  Winners Runners-up Played At
1969 Thornton Cleveleys English Electric  
1970 B.T.R Preston  
1971 Preston Fulwood & Broughton  
1972 Fylde Whittingham  
1973 Penwortham Thornton Cleveleys  
1974 English Electric Norcross  
1975 South Shore Norcross  
1976 Blackpool Preston  
1977 Fylde Preston  
1978 South Shore Whittingham  
1979 Blackpool Vernons Fulwood & Broughton
1980 South Shore B.T.R. BAC Warton
1981 Blackpool Fylde BAC Warton
1982 Fylde B.A.C. Vernon Carus
1983 Vernons Thornton Cleveleys Thornton Cleveleys
1984 Longridge Thornton I.C.I. Thornton Cleveleys
1985 Fulwood & Broughton English Electric South Shore
1986 Vernons Longridge Thornton Cleveleys
1987 Longridge Dutton Forshaw Thornton Cleveleys
1988 Vernon Carus BAe. Preston Thornton Cleveleys
1989 Fylde Penwortham Torrisholme
1990 Vernon Carus Longridge Dutton Forshaw
1991 BAe Preston South Shore Thornton Cleveleys
1992 Fylde Blackpool Vernon Carus
1993 Fulwood & Broughton Vernon Carus Freckleton
1994 Penwortham B.T.R. Guardian Royal Exchange
1995 Penwortham Fulwood & Broughton Garstang
1996 Garstang BAe Warton Norcross
1997 Penwortham B.T.R. Fulwood & Broughton
1998 Fulwood & Broughton Vernon Carus Garstang
1999 Penwortham Longridge Norcross
2000 Garstang Longridge Harris Park
2001 Longridge Whittingham & Goosnargh Thornton Cleveleys
2002 Not Awarded   Thornton Cleveleys
2003 Whittingham & Goosnargh Longridge Vernon Carus
2004 Vernon Carus Garstang Fylde
2005 Vernon Carus Norcross Vernon Carus
2006 Fulwood & Broughton Garstang Eccleston
2007 Vernon Carus Fulwood & Broughton Torrisholme
2008 Great Eccleston Vernon Carus Thornton Cleveleys
2009 Longridge Thornton Cleveleys Great Eccleston
2010 Fulwood & Broughton Vernon Carus Penwortham
2011 Great Eccleston Mawedsley Longridge
2012 Longridge Kirkham & Wesham Torrisholme
2013 Kirkham & Wesham Eccleston Thornton Cleveleys
2014 South Shore Rufford Longridge
2015 Longridge South Shore Croston
2016 Longridge Vernon Carus Freckleton
2017 Longridge Great Eccleston Withnell Fold
2018 Longridge Leyland Chorley
2019 Chorley Leyland BAC/EE Preston
2020 Not Awarded    
2021 Longridge Blackpool Penwortham
2022 Longridge Penwortham Tarleton





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